Remote learning information

Remote learning at The St Leonards Academy

The St Leonards Academy will continue to deliver high-quality education during periods of remote learning due to closure. Our priorities are, as always, keeping our community safe while ensuring that all students can access a knowledge-rich curriculum.

During a whole school closure, students will receive a weekly wellbeing ‘check-in’ phone call from their tutor and five hours of learning per day. Learning will be split between live lessons and independent, self-paced learning and will usually be assigned through our main remote learning platform, Microsoft Teams. 

Live lessons will include all of the elements of good teaching, including high quality explanations, opportunities for students to recall, practice and apply what they learned and opportunities for students to receive feedback on their work. 

If the school is open but students have to self-isolate, learning will be delivered through a paper copy remote learning booklet and independent learning activities assigned through ClassCharts. 

A parents quick guide to accessing Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams - A student guide

Help for students and parents in the use of Teams