Learning support

We aim to develop personalised programmes to help students reach their full potential, build confidence and raise self-esteem, and promote independence enabling our students to enjoy and achieve

Curriculum access and provision

The St Leonards Academy is committed to developing the best possible provision it can for students with additional educational needs, in a mainstream setting. We endeavour to make every effort to achieve maximum inclusion of all students whilst meeting students’ individual needs and recognising the entitlement of all students to a balanced, broadly based curriculum.

The academy will adopt the levels of intervention as described in the SEN Code of Practice which advocates a graduated response to meeting students’ needs. For students with statements/Education Health Care Plans provision we will meet the recommendations on the statement/plan.

The range of provision will include:

  • in class shared support from a Teaching Assistant
  • multi sensory Literacy and Numeracy support in small groups
  • individual or small group opportunities for Speech and Language Programmes
  • access to Social Skills/Social Use of language groups
  • participation in Occupational Therapy Programmes
  • access to specialist equipment as appropriate.


Specialist provision

The St Leonards Academy has a specialist facility for students with physical, sensory impairments and students who have difficulties identified on the autistic spectrum.

All of the facility students will have a Statement of Special Educational Need/Education Health Care Plan.

Support for Special Facility students will include, in addition to the provision listed above:

  • access to physiotherapy
  • access to hydrotherapy
  • funded transport to and from school (as agreed by the local authority).