The English department aims to provide students with all the tools that they need to be effective communicators when they leave school. Students will leave us with the ability to communicate verbally and in writing for a number of purposes and audiences. These skills will provide them with the confidence and ability to enter either further education or the world of work and enable them to be successful. They will be able to read communication from a range a different sources, decoding meaning and be able to form a confident response. These are the functional and practical skills we aim to provide all our students with.

 We also seek to broaden students understanding of issues and topics within society around them, building on their cultural capital. Through the texts and topics we deliver, we aim to develop our students’ critical autonomy, providing them with perspectives and ideas which may not immediately align with their own. We seek to develop their empathy and their compassion, giving them the confidence to positively contribute to society and actively engage with social issues.

We seek to show students that reading and writing are not simply academic tools, but pursuits they can enjoy as modes of self-expression and enjoyment.