Curriculum intent

We believe that a student’s curriculum must encompass more than just subjects. It must be broad, balanced and varied to allow students to nurture their passions and talents in order to be happy and successful. As such, Curriculum 360 has been designed to foster a deep knowledge of the big ideas that shape our understanding of the world. Reading and the importance of cultural literacy are consistently fostered to ensure that students are able to navigate the world and its nuances. Moreover, students develop the transferable skills that will help them to grow into independent thinkers and learners.

Through personal development, enrichment and opportunity, students are encouraged to take risks and challenge themselves, developing the grit and determination to succeed. We believe that a sense of self-worth and self-awareness is imperative in society and that resilience drives accomplishment and improvement. Furthermore, it is the expectation that students participate fully in C360. The result? A high level of investment in themselves as learner as well as the values and culture of the Academy.


Curriculum implementation

Curriculum overview

Curriculum Overview Year 7-11

Enrichment for all

C360 provides students with a tapestry of opportunities throughout their five years at The St Leonards Academy to raise aspirations and set the highest standards. Students are encouraged to unlock their potential and realise their ambitions through extensive enrichment programmes and guidance that ensures talent is nurtured, learning is valued, challenge is stimulated and achievement is respected.

All faculties offer enrichment, examples include:

  • Personal Development Award (Y7/8)

  • STEM events and competitions

  • Crest Award

  • Homework Club

  • Academy Show

  • Music Gigs / Choir

  • Dance and gymnastics events

  • Sports Teams

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme (Y9/10).

We also offer a robust package of careers education that includes mentoring by university students, work experience and volunteering, progression workshops and career cafes where students and parents have the opportunity to meet with prospective colleges and employers. 

There are an abundance of leadership opportunities at The St Leonards Academy. Each year has a Head Boy and Head Girl who are ambassadors for their year groups at the academy. Students can also participate in Leadership Groups who have responsibility and a budget for areas of improvement across the academy. This includes: anti-bullying, school environment and healthy eating.

Finally, through assemblies we ensure that students’ spiritual, moral and cultural needs are being enhanced with an emphasis placed on local and national events, religious holidays and celebrations.

The ambition of C360 is that every student takes at least one opportunity to enhance their curriculum and grow themselves as learners.

C360 provides students with a tapestry of opportunities to raise aspirations and set the highest standards. Students are encouraged to unlock their potential and realise their ambitions.

Students are encouraged to challenge themselves through a variety of enrichment activities