Year 6 transition

Zoom transition meetings

It was lovely to see so many faces on our transition meetings so far. Thank you for joining us. 

As promised, please find below a brief presentation on what you shall receive in July along with uniform information. 

•         2020 virtual transition meeting presentation
•         Uniform leaflet

Transition update June 2020

Starting secondary school can be a daunting experience, so we aim to make this process as supportive and seamless as possible.

Normally every student is visited at their primary school by a member of the senior leadership team during Terms 5 and 6, however due to Covid-19 this is unlikely to happen, and for that we apologise.

Parents/carers of year 6 students will receive a letter in the next few days with the date, time and meeting details. During this online meeting you will receive a short presentation on key information for our new cohort, we shall update you as much as we can with regards to the impact of Covid19 on year 6 transition, meet key members of staff and we shall direct you to some transition activities that will help familiarising yourselves with the academy. Many thanks and stay safe.

Please see below for transition activities and updates that may be of interest to you. 

It is also unlikely that we will be able to run taster day during July 2020, therefore we have included below a few fun activities for students to complete to help them familiarise themselves with the Academy and prepare for their new chapter in September.

•         Introduction from Katie Jackson

•         Quiz – Getting to know us
•         Map of school
•         Parents – Top tips to support your child
•         Stress container 

Transition to St Leonards Academy for Year 6 students starting in September 2020

(updated May 2020)

Secondary schools in the UK remain closed until further notice in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. However we would like to reassure Year 6 parents and carers that we are committed to supporting our new students and their families with a positive transition to The St Leonards Academy.

During this time we have been busy contacting all primary schools and speaking with your teachers, finding out all about your wonderful academic and enrichment achievements and how best we can support you in your move to secondary school.
Please keep an eye on our website and social media for up to date information relating to transition events and please do not hesitate to contact our transition team.

Vice Principal Miss C Tasker
SLT inclusion Miss K Jackson
SENCO Mrs A Smith

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the school day? 
The school day starts at 8:50 and finishes at 15:00. 
Which way do I come in to school? 
There is a single entry point to the Academy; this is via Edinburgh Road the main path leads down through the car park to the left hand door at the front of the building from 8:20am.

Breakfast Club students enter through the right hand door at the front of the building from 7:45 am.
Can I ride my bike to school? 
You can ride your bike to school; you must get off your bike at the top gate and walk it down the path. You MUST NOT ride your bike on the school site. There are bike stands to put them in but the school will not accept responsibility for your bike. 
How long are lessons? 
Lesson 1 is 55 minutes long; all other lessons are one hour long. 
How many lessons are there? 
There are five lessons in each day, The St Leonards Academy has a two-week timetable so you might not have the same lessons both days in the cycle but you will get used to the timetable. 
How will I find my way around St Leonard’s Academy? 
In our transition area on the website, you will find a copy of the school map. You can print this out to familiarise yourself with the four levels of the school. Entrance level, Courtyard level, Lower level (at the back of the school), Upper Level (at the front of the school. You will quickly find your way around in your first few days.

What lessons will I have at St Leonard’s Academy? 
You will have many of the same lessons that you have had at primary school including Maths, English, Science and PE. You will also do Humanities, which is Geography, History, Languages, Religion and Ethics. You will also have Personal development and study skills and you will have time for Art, Drama, Music and Technology.
What are the older students like? 
Many of our older students are supportive of our younger students and will be on hand to help you find your way to your lessons. 
How long is lunchtime? 
Lunch is 30 minutes from 13:30 to 14:00. You will also have a 30 minute morning break from 11:00 to 11:30.
What kind of food is there in the café? 
If you asked the students, they will say that the food is the best thing about the Academy! Oasis Café and the Watering Hole Restaurant serve a wide variety of food catering for everyone, including pizzas, paninis and pasta bowls, and there is also a salad bar, baguettes, sandwiches, a daily main meal and many desserts such as muffins and biscuits. 
How do I pay for my lunch? 
All students have their fingerprint taken, which they use in the Café or Restaurant. Our catering system is a cashless outlet and students can bring money into school and put it on their account via the machines or the easiest way is for parents to transfer money onto their accounts using ParentPay. When you get up to the till, you choose your food, place your finger on the reader and the amount will be deducted from your account. 
When do I find out who my tutor is? 
Organising the groups is a very complex job but we hope to let you know who your tutor is by the beginning of July. 
When do I find out who is going to be in my tutor group? 
On your first day at St Leonard’s Academy, you will meet the other students in your tutor group. You will also meet your tutor and spend time getting to know them. 
Am I allowed to wear jewellery? 
The only jewellery allowed at St Leonard’s Academy is a watch and one earring in each ear. These must be small and discreet studs only. 
Am I allowed to wear my hair down? 
You may wear your hair down at The St Leonard’s Academy but you should always have a hair tie with you for when you have practical lessons such as PE, Technology and Science. 
Where can I get The St Leonard’s Academy Uniform and PE kit from?
Superstitch86 are our uniform suppliers. They are currently not open for walk in customers due to COVID 19 but they highly recommend that you order online now to ensure that you have uniform needed for September. In addition, they have extended all returns until September if items have ALL labels attached. They are currently planning how they might be able to open for customers and we will update this as soon as we know.

What uniform and PE kit do I need?
Grey Blazer 
Black Skirt or Trousers
Purple Logo polo shirt or White logo shirt.
Black socks and shoes
PE Kit Compulsory - a logo top from the selection (black polo top or black round neck t-shirt) a logo bottom from the selection – (shorts, joggers wide and straight leg, leggings, skirt). 
Sports Trainers – Converse, Vans and plimsolls are not permitted.
Optional items – showerproof and windproof jacket, waterproof coat.

Can girls wear trousers? 
The St Leonard’s Academy uniform is unisex and therefore girls can choose to wear trousers. 
What do I need to bring on my first day? 
On your first day you will need to bring your learning equipment and packed lunch or money to buy food at the canteen. You will NOT need your PE kit on the first day. 
What if I get lost on my way to lessons? 
Just ask someone. Whether that is a student or member of staff there are always many people to ask.  They will help you. All staff wear a purple St Leonard’s Academy lanyard that they wear around their neck. 
What if I get bullied at school? 
If a member of our community behaves in an inappropriate way to you it is important that you tell somebody, whether that is a friend, parents/carers, your tutor, or any member of staff. We have a dedicated safeguarding and wellbeing team who are on hand to support you with any issues. You must tell somebody to enable the problem to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

What do I do if I am not feeling very well? 
If you are feeling unwell during the school day, you must report to the student reception located on Entrance level. If the member of staff in student reception feel that, you need to go home they will contact your parents or carers. Please do not contact your parents before you go to Student reception.  
Where do I go if I need help? 
Student support managers are attached to each year group and are available to help you when you need it. Your tutor is also there to help you, so share any concerns you may with them at tutor time. 
How many students are at The St Leonard’s Academy? 
In your year group there will be approximately 300 students. There are around 1500 students across the school in Years 7 – 11. 

What are callbacks?
This is an opportunity for a member of staff to speak to you about any issues that may have arisen in the lesson. It will last between 5-10 minutes and will be at a break or lunch time.
Who do I speak to if I can’t do my homework? 
If you cannot do your homework you need to speak to your subject teacher. You can choose to speak to them at the end of the lesson, during break or lunch times or you can email them. This must be done in good time before the homework is due to give you the opportunity to complete the homework after you have spoken to your teacher before the deadline. 
What clubs are there? 
There are many different clubs and activities on offer at St Leonard’s Academy, including a wide range of sports including football, netball, basketball, gymnastics, dance and many more, such as a STEM, drama, singing and rock club to name a few.

Want to know more about what to expect?

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