Returning to school

Update: 2nd September

We have taken time as a senior leadership team today to review the drop-off and entrance locations for each year group. An updated version of the Map and the First Day Back Timings are on the website (version 2).

The drop-off plan is in place to avoid any unnecessary mixing of year group bubbles. However, we appreciate that many households will have mixed year groups within them.

Therefore, if you are dropping off a year 7 at the top roundabout and you also have a year 10 student (for example) then they can of course exit the car at the same point. However, it is imperative that both students enter the building via the correct point as shown on the map.

I hope that this clarifies the situation.



Please find the following documents relating to your child's return to the St Leonard's Academy in the week commencing 7th September;

  • Parent and Student Letter.
  • Timings of the school day - September 2020 which includes information about specific entry and exit points for each year group.
  • Map of the School - which shows the new one-way system in place.

We look forward to welcoming our students back after this long period of uncertainty. Each year group will spend a day in the building with their new tutor and tutor group settling into the new structure and becoming familiar with the changes that have been made to their day and the site. We hope that this eases their transition back into school.

Parent Letter

First Day Back Timings version 3 (updated to include outdoor spaces at break times for all years)

Breaktime Wet Weather Plan - to follow in due course

Map of School version 2

Year 7 Welcome Letter

Year 8 Welcome Letter

Year 10 Welcome Letter

Year 11 Welcome Letter


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