We work closely with Autograph, our providers, to ensure the best quality food at the most reasonable cost. We use the School Food Plan to ensure this and to create an ethos of Healthy Eating.

Our current ‘whole-school’ food policy adopts the School Food Plan as its standard.

We quality assure that all our food complies with the Food Plan through a checklist held in the kitchen, whilst every dish on our menus is processed and checked by a nutritionist.

School meal take-up is monitored weekly and students and their parents are challenged over take-up of free school meals.

A senior leader is responsible for the provision; they liaise with the Leadership Team, Autograph and student leadership.

The Academy holds the Gold Eat Well Award and the kitchens are proud to maintain the Environmental Health 5 Star Award for hygiene.

We operate a cashless payment system.


The St Leonards Academy is proud to be a ‘National School Breakfast Programme’ School.

We are happy to offer a healthy ‘magic breakfast’ to all of our students and we would welcome your child to join us for a great start to the day.

Our breakfast starts at 8:00am in the canteen. We offer free cereals and/or bagels to all students. There is also a range of other healthy food and drink available for purchase.

For more information, please contact Mr James Michie (Vice Principal).

Fizzy drinks and energy drinks

We also seek to promote a healthy lifestyles in our students to help them engage with their full curriculum. As such, fizzy drinks and energy drinks are not allowed on the academy site. Any students found to be in possession of such beverages will have them confiscated and not returned.

There is significant research that shows that the refined sugar found in most fizzy drinks contributes significantly to childhood obesity. What’s more, there is also detailed research that shows that the caffeine found in most energy drinks has a detrimental effect on young people, resulting in hyperactive behaviour and poor concentration.