Behaviour and rewards

Behaviour for Learning (BfL)

The St Leonards Academy aims to provide the highest quality education, maintaining a disciplined, caring environment in which teachers can teach and students can learn. We aim to ensure that at all times students feel happy, safe and able to maximise the learning experiences offered to them without distraction or interference.

The Academy's Behaviour for Learning Policy and BfL Code of Conduct are based on a set of shared values:

The right of all members of the Academy and wider community to be treated with dignity and respect.

The right of all members of the Academy and wider community to work in a clean, well-resourced and well-cared for physical environment.

The right of all members of the Academy and wider community to be safe and secure at all times from any threat to their personal well-being.

The most important principle of Behaviour for Learning is that we should all treat each other as we ourselves would wish to be treated. We encourage respect for everyone as an individual, making sure our words and actions do not cause inconvenience or offence to anyone.

We take PRIDE in our learning and support each other in being the best that we can be.

We take PRIDE in our environment and positively contribute to making it a space that all can enjoy.

We take PRIDE in ourselves and hold each other to the highest expectations of conduct and integrity in all that we do


A reward system must be of value to the students, parents and staff. The Academy will use all available means to publish and promote achievement by all members of the school. PRIDE Pounds will be awarded for being in the right place, at the right time, and for doing the right thing.

Furthermore, in and out of lessons students that are demonstrating our PRIDE values will be rewarded with PRIDE Pounds. PRIDE Pounds are an internal currency that students can spend in a variety of ways to access rewards as detailed in the Rewards Policy. Once a student reaches a threshold of PRIDE pounds for the year they become a Bronze, Silver or Gold TSLA Ambassador and are able to access privileges in and around the Academy as well as invitations to specific ‘ambassador events’ across the year. Full details of these can be found in the Rewards Policy.

All PRIDE pounds and behaviour related events are logged on Class Charts. Parents can use Class Charts to see the number of Pride Pounds their child has earned, as well as any behaviour points amassed. There is also the option to download a Class Charts app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

For more information, please contact Miss C Tasker (Assistant Principal).

Helping our students to get things right

In working to help our students get things right, we use a mantra of 3 Rs

Be in the right place...

... at the right time...

... doing the right thing

We recommend that all students and parents familiarise themselves with the Academy BfL Code of Conduct.

When dealing with students' behaviour, staff will follow and make reference to the Code, as well as our Behaviour for Learning Policy.