Attendance and punctuality

Excellent attendance to school is of vital importance for a number of reasons. It is proven that those students with excellent attendance are more likely to achieve not only more qualifications but also to achieve these at a higher grade, be less likely to be involved with anti-social behaviour and are generally more settled within school.

It has been shown that:

  • students who miss 19 days of school each year through absence or lack of punctuality will drop at least one GCSE grade in each of their subjects
  • each GCSE grade equates to a wage increase of 17%. That is on average an extra £17 per day for each grade a student achieves
  • a 1% increase in punctuality results in a 6% improvement in educational attainment.

Our benchmark for good attendance is 96%.

(There are 190 days of school per year. 96% attendance means that only 8 days of school are missed per year)

We are able to provide support or advice to any parent/carer with regard to attendance. Feel free to contact the attendance team through The St Leonards Academy reception (01424 448740). Alternatively, email Loraine Freeman ( if you have any concerns or need any other information.

Any requests for absence during term time need to come on the Term Time Absence Form.