At The St Leonards Academy we believe that a curriculum is more than simply the content that a student studiesTo us, a curriculum is the total sum of the experiences that a student has as part of their time with us. Our curriculum reflects the idea that being a student at The St Leonards Academy means having a fully immersive and supportive education that wraps around you, that challenges and inspires you in the classroom, that extends your learning into the community and world of work and that develops your character to allow you to be the very best version of yourself that you can be.

We believe in C360 for every student; all of the time. Every student’s C360 is different, we believe in personalised pathways that take into account student’s start points, goals and ambitions. There are some key principles, however, that are integral to every C360.

Challenge 360 

Every student will be challenged to exceed their potential through a range of subjects and qualifications offering them breadth and depth and preparing them for their ‘next steps’. 

Evolve 360 

Every student will be explicitly taught how to develop their character through a range of opportunities including directed curriculum time, academic mentoring, extended learning, and experiences in the world of work and beyond. 

Nurture 360 

Professional, qualified teams will provide specialist care and support for young people and their families to ensure that there are no barriers to learning.

Jon Francies 
Principal of The St Leonards Academy

Dates for the diary

 The minute I walked into The St Leonards Academy, I just knew it was a really special place.


There are countless opportunities... from elite sports to pantomimes and even our own school bands! 

Catalina and Amin, Head Girl and Head Boy

Welcome from our Head Boy and Head Girl

Head Girl and Head Boy at St Leonards Academy

We are really excited to be this year's Head Girl and Head Boy at The St Leonards Academy! Since becoming part of the St Leonards community, we have been encouraged to become the best version of ourselves in ways we could never imagine, and we hope that your time here will be as challenging, supportive and transformative as it has been for us.

The C360 curriculum has given us the knowledge we need to do well in our upcoming GCSEs and it's also given us the skills that will help to make us a success once we've finished our exams. All of the teachers here have high ambitions for us and we've enjoyed meeting those expectations in all aspects of academy life.

There are a huge number of activities and clubs to get involved with, from competitive sport to pantomimes and even our own school bands! Life at The St Leonards Academy is fast paced, exciting and always enjoyable.

It really does feel like one big family and we would love for you to come and see for yourselves.

Find out more in the prospectus.

Catalina and Amin, Head Girl and Head Boy