Transition 2017/2018
Welcome to the St Leonards Academy

We'd like to offer a very warm welcome to everyone who's been offered a place at The St Leonards Academy for this September.

We pride ourselves in our uncompromising commitment to maximising the potential of our students at the St Leonards Academy to ensure their brighter futures. We provide a welcoming, safe, happy and successful environment, where everyone are respected and listened to, a school where we take pride in our achievements and celebrate our success.

We invite you to ‘Join our Pride’.

What happens now?

Starting secondary school can be a daunting experience, so we want to make this process as easy as possible.

Every student will be visited at their primary school by a member of the senior leadership team during terms 5 and 6.This time gives us the opportunity to meet our new cohort and share key information about the Academy but more importantly, gives students an opportunity to ask questions and to learn more about the taster day in term 6.

Taster day is held on Thursday 5th July 2018 with an information evening for both parents and students on Wednesday 4th July. Students will experience a day at the academy; attending Maths, English and Science lessons, making new friends, meeting teachers and getting to know their way around the building.

For further information regarding transition to The St Leonards Academy, please see our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. Alternatively you can contact Caroline Tasker (Assistant Principal – Transition coordinator)

Do you have a question?

If you have any questions please complete the form below and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.

  • Are you allowed chewing gum in school?

    No, it is academy policy we do not have chewing gum at school.

  • What is the behaviour system?

    C1 is the first consequence, verbal warning and your name on the board.
    C2 second consequence, verbal warning and name on the board.
    C3 after school detention.
    C4 isolation

  • What are the school rewards?

    We have Vivos at The St Leonards Academy. You will be given login detail to access your account and as you earn vivos for good behaviour, good work, homework, teamwork, attending clubs and much more you will be able to log in and purchase things you want such as stationary, jewellery, gift vouchers and much more!

  • When can you use your phone? Can it be used in lessons?

    You can use your phone during breaks but it is your responsibility to look after it and keep it safe. It is also your responsibility to use it at the right times. Phones are not permitted to be used during lessons unless the teachers has given permission for it be to used in an activity. E.g kahoot or research.

  • What are the lunch options and how much is lunch?

    There are lots of different options for meals at The St Leonard Academy, information on the main meal can be found here: Catering As well as the main meals you will also find a salad bar, a selection of sandwiches and wraps and more.

  • What can you do during lunch break?

    You can choose where you want to have your lunch. Some students choose to eat in the canteen and others prefer to eat in the social areas. Students often play football or games on the hard courts and courtyards. During the summer you can also use the field.

  • What types of make up are you allowed to wear?

    Only the following jewellery will be permitted: small studs, small sleepers and a watch. No rings, costume jewellery or facial piercings are permitted. Make–up is to be kept discreet at all times with no nail varnish. Hair is to be of a natural colour only and no hair adornments and extreme haircuts will be permitted. No facial piercings or retainers are permitted.

  • Can you have a Biro pen for writing and if so does it have to be black?

    Yes, you can write in biro, fountain pen or pencil. You are allowed to use black or blue pens.

  • Where do I get dropped off on Taster days?

    You can get dropped off in cars at the roundabout at the top of the driveway. If your parents want to walk you down the drive they can walk you down to the main entrance at the front of the school where I shall meet you. See you on taster days.

Ten Top Tips for student
  • Pack your school bag/PE bag the night before – You are much more likely to forget something if you rush around in the morning.
  • Make sure you have equipment every day (pencil case, pencils, pens)
  • Keep a copy of your timetable on you at all times
  • Get into the habit of going for toilet breaks before school, during breaks and after school. You will not be allowed to go during lessons.
  • Colour code your timetable so you know what lessons you have on what day.
  • Regularly log onto the Fox Hub to keep track of what homework you have and when it is due.
  • Have a routine for when you will complete each piece of homework.
  • Wear a watch so you ensure you arrive to your lessons on time.
  • If you have a problem or a worry speak to your tutor or student support manager.
  • Make new friends!