Safe at School
‘Safe at school’ – Students at TSLA

The welfare and safety of young people is paramount and the academy takes all instances of unpleasant behaviour between students extremely seriously.

Absolutely all members of the St Leonards Academy community have the right to feel and be safe at all times in school and on their journey to and from school.

Each student has an allocated Student Support Manager who can provide support and guidance to any student who feels vulnerable and anxious following the actions of another student.

Where intimidation and unpleasant behaviour to another person is systematic and repetitive this is bullying and will not be tolerated towards any member of our academy community.

Where bullying has taken place we act swiftly to take action against the perpetrator(s) but also immediately act to ensure the victim is supported and cared for so that they once again feel safe within the academy.

If you have need to report an incident to a member of our ‘Safe at School’ team please call the student’s Student Support Manager who will collect information and act to resolve the situation with the student’s Head of School as soon as possible.

It is also possible to submit your concerns via the form below which will be directed to the appropriate member of the team.

We are committed to ensuring all students are ‘safe at school’ and are very grateful for your help in supporting us.