The Expert Learner Programme
Aims of the programme:
  • To increase student self-awareness and personal responsibility with regard to their academic achievement, community contribution, and employability skill development.
  • To increase student efficacy through modelling short, medium, and long term goal setting.
  • To model the use of coaching strategies to help students develop the skills and attributes necessary for them to be successful.
  • To support student wellbeing through the development of positive and productive habits.
How does the programme work?:

Every Monday morning all students in the Academy review their previous week in a structured and considered way that includes reflection upon their:

  • Attendance
  • Employability skill development
  • Behaviour for learning
  • ‘Learner Level’ for the previous week
  • Attendance to extra-curricular clubs

Once per term (6 times per academic year) every student in the Academy reviews the previous term in depth against these same criteria. As an outcome of this review students determine their ‘Learner Level’ for the term and if they have achieved Expert Learner status they receive additional privileges and rewards within the Academy.

Integral to this termly review is the personal target setting process that all students undertake to ensure that in the coming term they maintain their current Expert Learner status, or carry out the actions that will allow them to achieve the status.

Students are taught and guided through the target setting process as described in their PRIDE booklet (where they also record their weekly and termly targets and reflections).

Parents are welcome to see their child’s PRIDE booklet on Academic Review Day and also by requesting an appointment with their child’s tutor.