We believe that in order to learn well, a student must be fed well. The mind cannot be filled with information when the stomach is empty! Therefore, we take great pride in the quality of food that we offer at the Academy.

We work closely with Autograph, our providers, to ensure the best quality food at the most reasonable cost. We use the School Food Plan to ensure this and to create an ethos of Healthy Eating.

How we support the School Food Plan:
  • Our current ‘whole-school’ food policy adopts the School Food Plan as its standard. This is shared through our websites
  • We quality assure that all our food complies with the Food Plan through a checklist held in the kitchen, whilst every dish on our menus is processed and checked by a nutritionist
  • School meal take-up is monitored weekly and students and their parents are challenged over take-up of free school meals
  • A federated senior leader is responsible for the provision across both The Hastings Academy and The St Leonards Academy. He liaises with the Leadership Teams, Autograph and the student bodies
  • Both Academies are holders of the Gold Eat Well Award and the kitchens are proud to maintain the Environmental Health 5 Star Award for hygiene. We are currently working towards further accreditation with the Silver Food for Life Award
Food Provision:
  • We are proud that we provide an attractive, happy and calm dining environment, which we are constantly seeking to improve despite the popularity of our restaurants making them busy environments
  • We work hard at maintaining excellent, professional and happy relationships between the catering staff and our students and staff
  • We have introduced student surveys and secret eater programmes and involve parents through Parents Forum to ensure we listen to what our customers want. We constantly review the layout and provision in an attempt to improve the quality of the food, reduce queueing times and improve the eating environment
  • We operate a cashless payment system to reduce both stigma for free school meal students and queues for all
  • Autograph operates a rigorous, transparent QA of food standards
  • Water is freely available for students in the restaurant
Food and Health Education:
  • We present consistent messaging about healthy cooking, eating and lifestyles across subjects
  • Both academies have fully equipped classrooms for the teaching of Food and Catering, which form a key part of the KS3 curriculum and is traditionally both a popular and successful subject at KS4
  • Schemes of work focus on healthy savoury cooking
  • Beyond the taught curriculum, extra-curricular activities, assemblies, displays and messaging all re-enforce positive messages around healthy eating and lifestyles, and we see our academies as supporting and developing an increasingly powerful culture of exercise and healthy eating

If you have any questions, regarding the promotions or any other information on this page, please do not hesitate to contact the Academy for further information.


The menu changes each term, with new exciting and nutritious choices. We regularly offer special meal deals and offers as well as catering to match important dates, events and festivals.

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