Villiers Park success
Fri, Jul 6, 2018 7:49 AM

Two St Leonards Academy students have been awarded the Mike Baker Scholar of the Year Award for their involvement in the Villiers Park Scholarships programme. This programme aims to inspire some of our students to aspire to university in the future where there may be no history of higher education amongst these students’ families. Katie in Year 10 and Ben in Year 11 were the very worthy recipients of this award at a presentation evening at Sussex Coast College on 4th July.

The Mike Baker Scholar of the Year Award recognises just one Scholar in each year (across the schools in Hastings) who has excelled in all elements of the programme in the last academic year. The criteria for shortlisting included being on target for high level of attainment; excellent attendance at and participation in all events and activities; exemplary attitude and demonstration of resilience. Very well done to Katie and Ben!