Year 11 Celebration Evening
Fri, Dec 8, 2017 9:52 AM

A celebration evening was held at The St Leonards Academy, on Wednesday 29th November to recognise the achievements of the Academy's class of 2017. The former Year 11 students, who completed their GCSEs this summer, returned to receive their certificates and awards at the event, attended by hundreds of parents, carers and community representatives.

The St Leonards Academy singing club performed as everyone was arriving before Ms Tinsley opened the celebration.  She said that the students’ achievements were even more remarkable given the introduction of new, tougher GCSEs this summer. She said: ‘We are all so proud of our students’ outcomes; they have achieved great outcomes through hard work and determination’.

Many thanks to Dr John Smith, Chief Executive of the University of Brighton Academies Trust, for being our Guest of Honour. He presented the students with their certificates and awards, congratulating them on their many achievements and encouraging them to be confident in all of their future plans and aspirations.