Gifted & Talented
Every Child Known
"Meeting the needs of the gifted and talented is about building on a good general school provision, not something entirely different"
- Professor Deborah Eyre

"Every Child Known" is at the core of our academy and as such our vision is to create the opportunity for every student to excel and have a sense of achievement, working on the principle that every child can be successful.

Our differentiated teaching and personalised learning, provides for every student and helps them to be better rather than be the best. Gifted and Talented provision "is not about identifying winners but it’s about making winners out of ordinary people" (Chris Yapp).

Our aim is to identify as many learners as possible with the objective of raising motivation, aspiration and achievement for all learners, especially with fostering the idea of "it’s alright to be bright" ©. It is recognised nationally that some children demonstrate exceptional ability in, for example, certain subjects, creative or productive thinking or in qualities of leadership.

What is Gifted & Talented?

The term "Gifted" is usually associated with the top 5–10% of youngsters in these subjects.

The term "Talented" applies to youngsters in the top 5–10% of subjects covering visual or performance arts or sport (sources of information from: teacher assessment/end of Key Stage 2 and a variety of other "levelled" assessments/results of Cognitive Ability Tests – CATs).

These figures are used in relation to each cohort at The St Leonards Academy. However, the final identification decision is left with the teacher of every subject, who has a greater insight of the potential of each student he/she teaches.

Potential Plus

In line with the NAGC model we, as an academy, seek to enable gifted and talented pupils from all backgrounds to fulfil their potential.


This is imperative if our learners need to successfully face today’s challenges living in a culturally diverse and global society.