Specialisms & Inclusion
Building On Gifts & Talents

The Academy will ensure that the curriculum meets the needs of the More Able Students.

We aim to make provision for those students who demonstrate a talent or ability in a specific subject or discipline (academic or non academic). We aim to provide learning which is appropriately challenging and opportunities for enrichment including university visits, in- school workshops and extra curriculum activities.

Through a system of mentoring and engaging with parents and carers the Academy will tailor a programme which allows students' particular talents to grow and confidence to flourish.

Support for special educational needs

The Academy will adopt the levels of intervention as described in the SEN Code of Practice which advocates a graduated response to meeting students' needs: Awareness, School Action, School Action Plus and Statements.

If your child has a learning difficulty they will have the opportunity to access a range of specialist provisions including multi sensory Literacy and Numeracy support in small groups, individual or group sessions for Speech and Language skill development, participation in Occupational Therapy and physiotherapy programmes and small group experiences to develop social communication and important life skills.

In addition a highly skilled team of Teaching Assistants will support your child in lessons with the aim of building their confidence as learners, promoting their independence and raising their self esteem.

Special facility placements

As part of the provision for SEN the St Leonards Academy will provide additional expertise in helping to successfully include students who have significant difficulties identified on the Autistic Spectrum, or have physical and /or sensory needs. Students attending the Facility will have full access to the mainstream learning environment alongside their peers.

Under Ofsted’s new and tougher inspection regime, the Hastings and St Leonards academies are among the first in the country to be rated “good” within two years of opening.

The sponsors have welcomed the results, hailing the success as a “remarkable achievement for schools that only a few years ago were amongst the worst performing in the country”.