Pupil Premium

In the academic year 2015/16 the Academy received £487,603.00 in Pupil Premium funding to be used to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.

In the year 2016/17 the Academy expects to receive £510.978.00 to reflect an increase in the number of students eligible for pupil premium funding.

The next Pupil Premium strategy review will take place in the summer term for KS3 and after the publication of the KS4 outcomes in August 2017.

Please find below the details of the support put in place for students across a range of year groups and the intended and actual outcomes of that support.

Please note that support was allocated according to need and so not all eligible students received every action included.

To access details of the Pupil Premium Strategy for this academic year please click here.

Action (EEF potential gain) Cost (£) Description Intended outcome Impact Continued initiative?
Staffing and literacy support (+6) 287,103.63
  • Extra English and maths teachers to reduce class sizes for most significantly under achieving students.
  • Alternative provision coordinator.
  • A Level peer tutors (English and science).
  • 1:1 numeracy support worker.
  • EAL coordinator and BSO.
  • To improve the attainment of PPI students in 'basics' subjects and close the gap at KS3 for progress in basics to less than 5%.
  • To improve the attainment of PPI KS4 students in 'basics' measures by at least 10% for A*-C.
  • To support students with English as an additional language in securing at least 5 GCSEs including one in their 'home' language.
  • To improve the progress of vulnerable KS4 PPI students in Maths (1:1 support to represent increased outcome of at least a grade over a single term).
  • Progress gap in 'basics' between non PPI/PPI at DC3 1% in Y7 for attainment and 13% in Y8.
  • GCSE 'basics' measures 46% compared to 39% nationally (2015) which represents a 22% gap internally.
  • P8 score for KS4 EAL students +1.23.
  • 92% of EAL students achieved at least 5 GCSE subjects.
  • 55 PPI pupils received regular Maths tuition sessions during year 11, 27 (49%) of these secured a grade C or better, 35 (64%) made expected progress or better.
Yes but devolution of PPI responsibility to within all departments - PPI champions in each area to receive allowances as part of spend moving forward.
Academic intervention and support (+6) 128,047.30
  • Intensive revision sessions provided by external providers for KS4 exam students.
  • Lexia and Sound training licenses for improving KS3 literacy.
  • Weekend study sessions on and off site for targeted students.
  • All students attending Pet xi intensive sessions to achieve company commitment of either minimum secured grade (C grade) of progress (a grade in a week).
  • Reading ages of all targeted to improve to within 1 year of chronological age.
  • Attendance at weekend study sessions to be at least 90%.
  • Attendance at weekend study sessions for PPI students average 92%.
  • All students receiving Sound Training or Lexia made progress (reading age) in the following way:

Increased by 2 + years - 54%

Increased by 3+ years - 31%

Increased by 1/2 year - 93%

Increased by 1+ years - 80%

Yes but decreased use of external providers in line with development of in school intensive courses and sessions.
Mobilisation 3,758.30
  • Minibus morning pick up for students with sig–attendance.
  • Taxi service to support students and parents unable to travel to and from revision or engagement events.
  • Bus or train provision for students with significant lateness that live beyond reasonable travel distance to school.
  • Attendance of students in receipt of mini bus pick up to be at least 90% by term 4.
  • Attendance at revision or engagement events for PPI students and parents to be above 90%.
  • Bus or train provision to result in significant decrease in lateness and improvement in attendance.
  • Attendance of students collected by mini bus 91.9% across the year.
  • Attendance at engagement/revision events 94% of targeted students/parents.
  • All students receiving train/bus passes showed +10% attendance within a term.
Yes – Mini bus option expanded to include larger geographical area.
Basics 6,153.56
  • Provision of equipment including uniform, technology and revision materials for those experiencing extreme hardship.
  • Students in receipt of basics provision to showing decrease in BTA points and an increase in achieving 'Expert Learner' status.
TermNumber of Expert LearnersNumber of Expert Learners PPi% of PPI cohort that achieved EL status
Yes – ongoing commitment to provision.
Enrichment (+3) 6,723.72
  • Access to trips, extra-curricular sporting events, higher education visits and off site revision opportunities for students unable to contribute financially.
  • All PPI students to have attended at least 1 enrichment event during the year.
  • All Y11 PPI students to have attended at least 5 out of school revision sessions by Easter.
  • 91% of PPI students have attended at least 1 enrichment event during the year (impacted by those in off site provision).
  • 93% of Y11 PPI students attended more than 5 revision sessions by Easter.
Yes – ongoing commitment to provision.
Events 1,260.51
  • Parent engagement and information events focusing on progress and attainment in GCSE outcomes and access to higher education.
  • 80+% of parents of KS4 PPI students to have attended an information or engagement event during the year.
  • Attendance at Y11 engagement/revision events 94%.
Yes – ongoing commitment to provision.
Alternative provision 15,261,05
  • Full or part time external provision offsite for vulnerable students focusing on developing post 16 skills and self regulation, these include Entertainment workshops, construction and engineering and performing arts.
  • Attendance at off site provision to be above 80%.
  • Students most vulnerable to exclusion to successfully complete a course with an external provider and then return to school without exclusion.
  • Attendance at EW average 79% across the year.
  • 89% of students that attended a course with an external provider then received no exclusion across the rest of the year.
No – external provision model to be evaluated and re-designed to reflect changing needs of cohort.
Meta cognition, self-regulation and pastoral support (+8) 27,210
  • Full time counselling service (on site).
  • Workshops from external providers focusing on tackling exam anxiety.
  • Health and wellbeing workshops and provisions.
  • Challenge the GAP project with Hayes school – community garden.
  • Students in receipt of counselling support to have decreased BTA scores and increased attendance.
  • Attendance at public and pre public examinations to be over 90% for students targeted.
  • Students in CTG cohort to have reduced BTA, increased basics attainment and attendance.
  • 51 students received regular (at least bi-weekly) counselling sessions across the year. 100% of these showed decreased BTA and increased attendance.
  • 16 PPI students in Y10 participated in building the CTG 'Quest Garden' and received coaching in resilience. 81% of students decreased their behaviour points (C3s) throughout the year by 75%+ between terms 1 and 6.
  • 80% of students either maintained the same level of progress or improved their WAG in Maths and English.
Nourishment 5,873.25
  • Food and sustenance for students attending after school classes including period 6 provision and top-up for students facing extreme hardship.
  • Breakfast club.
  • Students in receipt of basics support to have over 90% attendance at P6 provision, increased attendance and reduced BTA.
  • 98% of all students invited to P6 attended weekly sessions and on average made 6 months of progress in their reading age over 6 weeks.
Yes – ongoing commitment.
Rewards 320.00
  • Rewards for regular attendance at revision including prom tickets and book vouchers.
  • Attendance of PPI students at maths revision to be over 80%.
  • Attendance at Maths revision sessions increased from 55% to 75% across the year.
Yes – to be integrated into school Vivo system.